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Elizabeth Skordinski

Award-winning millionaire venturist, professional speaker, and first-class business consultant for heart-centered, abundance-driven, vision-oriented women. 

As seen in:

She is a wife. And a powerful businesswoman. 
She is a mother. And an influential social media creator.
She is a woman of God. And a change-making philanthropist.

Guided by her devout spirituality and unwavering desire for success, Elizabeth is a trusted consultant and seasoned motivational speaker helping passionate women pursue their higher purpose. 

The Elizabeth Skordinski

The Elizabeth Skordinski

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From the school pick-up line to million-dollar board tables. Elizabeth Skordinski is no ordinary self-made CEO.. 

Work with Elizabeth Skordinski

Work with
Elizabeth Skordinski


Invest in an exclusive consulting experience that draws on Elizabeth’s wealth of venture and startup knowledge. Expand and innovate your 7-and-8-figure business with expert guidance


Elevate your next speaking engagement and immerse your audience in an abundance of unique business insights. Book an unforgettable keynote from one of the world’s most successful female venturists. 

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My 60-minute intensive is designed for established thriving entrepreneurs wanting to grow their video marketing knowledge. 


My 6-week intensive program is full of carefully planned strategies with 1:1 coaching calls, actionable strategies and support.


Bi-weekly 30 minute calls for entrepreneurs that are owners of an online business already, but are ready for high-level growth.

The Extra Support You Deserve

The Empire


Elizabeth Skordinski is best known for making waves across e-commerce, health, service, and social media industries. These accomplishments have seen her acquire an extensive online audience of over 80,000 and has sold more than $13 million and counting. 

She is the master behind:

Elizabeth Skordinski’s extensive career highlights

Unforgettable accolades and first-class achievements

- Countess of Low Carb sensation | Top 1% of Youtube creators
- Pinky Nadine Marketing | 3 billion + video views marketing for high-profile clients

- Doodlebug Dog Walker | $10 million + in revenue.
- Live Streaming | $45 million 

Sold over $45 million in 2021 & 2022 through live streaming & shoppable videos for herself & clients. Top 1% of creators & continues to use her powerful reach to help billion-dollar sponsors became #1 in their product verticals.

Developed a recognizable online presence as the author behind the Countess of Low Carb website. Her health and wellness-centered Youtube content totals over 21 million watch minutes and sees her recognized among the top 1% of creators.

Founded a video-driven social media agency for luxury brands and high-profile celebrities and influencers, amassing over 3 billion combined video views.

Generated over $10 million in revenue through her dog walking and pet sitting business, Doodlebug Dog Walker. Forging through countless economic trials, the venture has since hired over 600 employees to care for 8000 dogs while donating over $10,000 to animal-centered charities.