3 Month Consulting

Bi-weekly 30 minute calls for entrepreneurs that are owners of an online business already, but are ready for high-level growth and continuous support.

When your business mind needs that extra push to elevate your idea to the next greatest project, this is for you. You want to introduce your business to digital marketing and need all the extra help you can, This is for you.


You have come to realize that your business NEEDS this new digital investment and you need the expertise of some how is an expert on the field. You have come to the right place.

 A successful entrepreneur with a successful business still needs guides from experienced coaches and entrepreneurs that have been there. Because as talented, hard-working and passionate as you may be, you know you still need help in growth, you grow by learning and why not? Learning the right way. NOW it’s time for the most important investment, investment for your knowledge to grow.

 You need guided intervention - and that’s where I come in.

In a digital world you need a digital market business
And this is why you are here.

Is this you?

Working and investing time to non-profitable leads.

Seeing other fellow entrepreneurs be successful and wishing it was you too.

Constantly revising systems and funnels that still are not working.

Having a team meeting and still having no answers.

You need a professional bounce board to grow that idea that has been in your mind.

Struggling to obtain partnerships and don't know what is going wrong.

So what do you need to take it to the 

next level?

Let’s talk next level

If this is what you been waiting for

Having email after emails of brands wanting to collaborate with you.

Consistent and sustainable personal, professional and financial growth.

Showing your confidence with the form you approach your clients.

Feeling one step ahead of the curve no matter what's going on in your business.

Being a part of a thriving online community of business owners and friends.

Consist reaching your goals each month.

Making money while you sleep with funnels and passive income producing products.

Owning your niche and becoming the go-to powerful woman for all the things you do.

What if I told you it was all


3 month Consulting

Meet your key to success

Included in your investment:

Bi-Weekly 30 minute calls. For individuals and or a team of a brand.

Unlimited communication via Slack or Voxer.

Systemization, organization and synchronization across marketing business plans.

Results driven approach in every call.

Taking your business brand to a corporate level profits


They Did it so can YOU…


"Client results/testimonials  will go right here."

In 3 months from now, you could have a business that is scaling to new levels,


you could still be where you are now.

But for a business to thrive you still need

Invest in yourself

Invest in your systems

Invest in a business coach that will push you to the highest limits


You need to stop being afraid to invest in yourself. Because to gain authority, wealth and endless requests for partnerships, first you need to build your knowledge, build your network, and build your confidence. Work with a Business Coach who can convey new ideas and strategies that will be tailor to you and your business.

 Digitize your brand, expand your empire and work alongside an energetic and driven wing woman.


This is business consulting, unmatched.

Business consulting for the woman entrepreneur that is ready to take the leap. The woman entrepreneur seeking to put in the investment, the time, and dedication for a higher premium level.

Those results look like a:

A new and exhilarating perspective thanks to an expert outsider’s guidance.

Clear roadmaps to achievements of short and long-term goals.

Diversified business approach that opens more possibilities.

Clarified sense of your higher purpose and limitless optimism about the future.

Solidified understanding and practical knowledge of how to negotiate and overcome any roadblocks.

Let’s talk prospective

Yes. You could stay where you are…

Yes, you have come this far on your own, but how much longer can you continue to innovate?

Yes, Social media has many business coaches giving free guides, but are they tailored to your needs and your business goals?

Yes, you can reach for smaller goals, but why not reach for the stars instead?


Or. You could give yourself the push you know you need…

You can confidently show your new knowledge and motivation with your new products and or services

You could have a consistent, sustainable, evergreen system generating online authority.

You will be scaling your business revenue each month effortlessly

You could use your story to generate a stronger audience and organic referrals.

Simply because you chose to invest in yourself and your business.

The only difference between these two realities is one took the leap. 

Dream big, but make sure you also invest in those big dreams that will bring bigger ROI.

What’s holding you back?


The investment?

The investment you spend today will continue to provide for you for the years to come.

The time?

Time will pass even if you do not invest. What better way for time to pass than to be doing something that will be profitable.




You are given the gift of knowledge and what you bring is unique to yourself.

Meet Elizabeth!

At just 18, while attending James Madison University, Elizabeth met her husband. At the same time, she met her vision. As she grew deeper in love with both, she birthed two children and adopted furry ones. All the while, plotting the transformation of her health, life, and career.

The devoted wife, mother, and ‘fur-mom’ was setting the foundation for her future success, and molding herself into the self-made entrepreneur she would soon be known as. Led by values of family, faith, and fearlessness, Elizabeth proves she is no stranger to hard work. She balances luxury social media clients by morning, with home life by night. She juggles hobbies, health, and fitness, with 10+ hour days in the office. And she negotiates her vision for the future, with what is possible in the present. Elizabeth continues to live every day asking the question, “what next?”, and bringing it to fruition.

 And beyond her vast success? Elizabeth is seen as a down-to-earth, Golden-Girls-loving, Outer-Banks-binging, cheese-obsessed go-getter by her friends and team.