Where Elizabeth Skordinski Went

A comprehensive guide to the 8-figure businesswoman's venture history to uplift and empower the aspiring female venturist. 

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Skordinski believes ‘success’ should never be exclusive to a board table surrounded by serious men in thousand-dollar suits. Instead, she built her own table. 

From million-dollar dog walking to Live Streaming stardom, an unforgettable health, and fitness journey to brushing shoulders with the world’s A-list celebrities and politicians. Elizabeth Skordinski has built an incredible career for herself. 

Ever the embodiment of the ‘growth mindset’, she now relentlessly pursues new business and charitable opportunities, consults with burgeoning female leaders, and shares her entrepreneurial story with millions. 

Live Streaming

Harnessing the power of a live audience, Elizabeth has captured the attention of millions with real-time videos highlighting her favorite health and wellness products. 

This has led to: 

Standing among the top 1% of Live streaming creators after being one of the first to leverage the program in February 2020.

Securing sponsorships on Live Streaming that result in billion-dollar brands’ products reaching #1 status, and selling out within minutes.

Generating over $3 million in product sales in just 13 months.

Landing exclusive access and features at Amazon Explore, Beauty, Home Decor, and #FoundItOnAmazon events.

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Countess of Low Carb

After losing 70+ pounds and transforming her body with the keto and intermittent fasting method, Elizabeth began sharing her powerful story and tips on Youtube. Having fostered a highly engaged online community, the Countess of Low Carb empire has since expanded to IGTVs, a website, book deals, and merchandise.

Among the greatest highlights of this venture are: 

Achieving a combined online audience of over 80,000 across Youtube and Instagram.

Acquiring 3.8 million views and 21 million watch minutes on her weight-loss and life coaching video content.

Reaching over 1.3 million watch minutes and 200k views on her most popular video.

Finding a place among the top 1% of Youtubers, and gaining access to elite Creator programs.

Attaining high-end brand sponsorships to make more than a 7-figure income from Youtube alone (by selling out their products).

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Doodlebug Dog Walker

Combining her passion for animals with acute business intuition, Elizabeth founded her Washington DC-based dog walking and pet sitting company, Doodlebug Dog Walker in 2007.

After thriving through two financial downturns, this heart-centered venture boasts the following achievements:

Generating over $10 million in revenue.

Hiring over 600 employees city-wide, even during the Great Recession.

Caring for more than 8,000 cats and dogs.

Donating over $10,000 to animal rescue initiatives.

Obtaining countless industry awards and esteemed recognition.

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Pinky Nadine Marketing

Equipped with years of experience dominating the online space, Elizabeth ventured into social media and video marketing for luxury brands and high-end profiles. 

Understanding that confidentiality and privacy are crucial to her exclusive clients’ success, the team continues to be recognized as the ‘go-to’ agency for celebrities wanting to expand and strengthen their online footprint through video. 

The agency’s greatest milestone to date is achieving over 3 billion combined social media views for its suite of prestigious clients. 

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The Empire


Elizabeth Skordinski is best known for making waves across e-commerce, health, service, and social media industries. These accomplishments have seen her acquire an extensive online audience of over 80,000 and has sold more than $13 million and counting. 

She is the master behind:

Elizabeth Skordinski’s extensive career highlights

Unforgettable accolades and first-class achievements

- Countess of Low Carb sensation | Top 1% of Youtube creators
- Pinky Nadine Marketing | 3 billion + video views marketing for high-profile clients

- Doodlebug Dog Walker | $10 million + in revenue.
- Live Streaming | $45 million 

Sold over $45 million in 2021 & 2022 through live streaming & shoppable videos for herself & clients. Top 1% of creators & continues to use her powerful reach to help billion-dollar sponsors became #1 in their product verticals.

Developed a recognizable online presence as the author behind the Countess of Low Carb website. Her health and wellness-centered Youtube content totals over 21 million watch minutes and sees her recognized among the top 1% of creators.

Founded a video-driven social media agency for luxury brands and high-profile celebrities and influencers, amassing over 3 billion combined video views.

Generated over $10 million in revenue through her dog walking and pet sitting business, Doodlebug Dog Walker. Forging through countless economic trials, the venture has since hired over 600 employees to care for 8000 dogs while donating over $10,000 to animal-centered charities.