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The Elizabeth Skordinski Narrative

The woman inspiring and empowering millions of businesswomen worldwide. Learn of her complete entrepreneurial legacy here. 

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Inspiring the wives, mothers, doers, and dreamers to own their vision and claim their empire. 

Action-propelled. Data-driven. Heart-centred. Elizabeth Skodinski's success did not occur by chance, nor overnight. 

It was the result of high-end integrity, a ‘no-excuses’ mindset, and expert-level strategic planning. This is her story. 

At just 18, while attending James Madison University, Elizabeth met her husband. At the same time, she met her vision. As she grew deeper in love with both, she birthed two children and adopted furry ones. All the while, plotting the transformation of her health, life, and career. The devoted wife, mother, and ‘fur-mom’ was setting the foundation for her future success, and molding herself into the self-made entrepreneur she would soon be known as.

Momentum picked up and Elizabeth got to work. She lost 70+ pounds with the keto method, founded a dog walking business that now stands among the top 5% in the USA, and pursued various online sales and marketing ventures with immense success. The visionary settled into life as a powerful businesswoman as she sold over $13 million (and growing), and pursued philanthropic goals that saw her donate 5-figures to animal rescues and children’s foster care. 

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Where it went

Led by values of family, faith, and fearlessness, Elizabeth proves she is no stranger to hard work. She balances luxury social media clients by morning, with home life by night. She juggles hobbies, health, and fitness, with 10+ hour days in the office. And she negotiates her vision for the future, with what is possible in the present. Elizabeth continues to live every day asking the question, “what next?”, and bringing it to fruition. 

And beyond her vast success? Elizabeth is seen as a down-to-earth, Golden-Girls-loving, Outer-Banks-binging, cheese-obsessed go-getter by her friends and team.

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Work with Elizabeth Skordinski

Work with
Elizabeth Skordinski


Invest in an exclusive consulting experience that draws on Elizabeth’s wealth of venture and startup knowledge. Expand and innovate your 7-and-8-figure business with expert guidance


Elevate your next speaking engagement and immerse your audience in an abundance of unique business insights. Book an unforgettable keynote from one of the world’s most successful female venturists. 

The Empire


Elizabeth Skordinski is best known for making waves across e-commerce, health, service, and social media industries. These accomplishments have seen her acquire an extensive online audience of over 80,000 and has sold more than $13 million and counting. 

She is the master behind:

Elizabeth Skordinski’s extensive career highlights

Unforgettable accolades and first-class achievements

- Countess of Low Carb sensation | Top 1% of Youtube creators
- Pinky Nadine Marketing | 3 billion + video views marketing for high-profile clients

- Doodlebug Dog Walker | $10 million + in revenue.
- Live Streaming | $45 million 

Sold over $45 million in 2021 & 2022 through live streaming & shoppable videos for herself & clients. Top 1% of creators & continues to use her powerful reach to help billion-dollar sponsors became #1 in their product verticals.

Developed a recognizable online presence as the author behind the Countess of Low Carb website. Her health and wellness-centered Youtube content totals over 21 million watch minutes and sees her recognized among the top 1% of creators.

Founded a video-driven social media agency for luxury brands and high-profile celebrities and influencers, amassing over 3 billion combined video views.

Generated over $10 million in revenue through her dog walking and pet sitting business, Doodlebug Dog Walker. Forging through countless economic trials, the venture has since hired over 600 employees to care for 8000 dogs while donating over $10,000 to animal-centered charities.