Let's grow your impact and income

in just 60-minutes!

Make courageous moves with purpose driven steps
My 60-minute intensive is designed for established thriving entrepreneurs wanting to grow their Pinterest Marketing knowledge. The call is strategic and intense where you’ll leave with a tailored systemized plan to your next big break to Pinterest Marketing.

Level Up

Since you’re here, I’m thinking you’re in one of two situations.


Situation One

You’re an established powerful and thriving female entrepreneur that is looking to do a boss move with your business approach.

But, not quite sure how to reach your next level and you are looking for a new innovation approach.

Situation Two

You’re the driving force behind an online brand that’s wasting multi-million dollars despite having stunning products that could easily sell organically.

You are aware that Pinterest Marketing & SEO Marketing is a must but not sure where to start. You know the answer is a Yes it is just a matter of how.

A Productive Business
Opens Doors of 


> Your time, energy and dedications are not opening the possibilities.

> You are frighten to new possibilities because you do not possess the knowledge.

> You are not quite sure how this video marketing will increase ROI.

> You’re wanting to deliver better results to your clients and or your business.

> You’re tired of investments without pay out.

Unlock The Potential In You & Your Business

In just one strategic hour, we’ll create an analytical, productive and knowledgeable call that will be a business growth change. My tailored, actionable advice and strategic secrets will be shared with you during our high value call. Whether you’re still in the set-up process or you have an experience strategy, I’ll provide personalized recommendations and steps guaranteed to grow yours and your clients’ business.

Included In 60 Minute Strategy Call:

  • Emailed Audit of your existing Pinterest Account
  • File: Monthly, timely what to post SEO topics
  • Checklist: How-to checklist to create engaging video idea pins
  • Report: Customized SEO targeted Report of keywords for your business.
  • Checklist: Proven systems that your admin team can setup and use.

Take me to the Next Level

Evergreen Knowledge + neverending success in just 60-minutes

If you’re not quite ready to invest in a complete coaching program, this is the innovative investment you need to make in YOU!

 This is the perfect option for entrepreneurs with a successful mind, E-commerce brands pursuing the one goal they need to get their business out of hibernation and upscaling their growth.

 If you’re thinking “that’s me”, translate it into a driven action approach and achieve the next step!